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Major changes despite not gonna be (PLEASE READ)

Posted by La-Artist322 - February 2nd, 2023

To be clear and honest, I am not feeling noon to do something right now because as of late. Just only feeling not right when comes to something come forward for my stuff, or any due to feeling little ruin. As much I can describe.

But still am going to post artwork and stuff normally but maybe not a lot times, times I will active later and on/off, but major problem was simply just getting myself tired shortly, but I don't want too much stuff from users that goes up into my projects 'cause I fear that could less ruin me up some original-ish stuff I have in mind while from been a lot in Discord. Yet right now, am serious and importantly noon but never thought of feeling forced by wanting me put theirs into mine. Am feeling all out of my projects.

I wanted to simply show my projects imperfect and look on great once I finally able to show with my own stuff, my own ideal concepts so far to have something replaced that DOSEN'T seem to fit at all.

However am relaxing and chilling despite of this is getting too much as I have nothing ideal with of my upcoming projects and that is it too often early to do my shit right now. Am asking this because I getting myself little light headed yet times didn't get myself sleep. But later as of now, I am too getting headache and didn't have in time to much else with of my projects. Am in the hellish development in 3 years and WASTED my time through all of THIS.

But will active to continue onward and yet needed some alone time to get up my business in mind.

And if you have like to contact me in Discord, you're maybe free to do that.

(My Discord ID; "La Artist"#3018)





Hey dude I'm really sorry for making you feel like this I thought that maybe I could help you with your project I didn't know that you would feel like it was ruined im really sorry I hope you can forgive me

La-artist322 I'm not like those guys that want there characters in your show I just wanna help you make your show good I'm just sorry for making you think it was ruined for 3 years